elder latimer is in love is now playing at arcola theatre, with the first preview having taken place on monday 7th september 2009. the run ends saturday 3rd october.

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below we'll quote reviews as they come out, and also some authentic comments garnered from audience reviews and blogs so far:

from Howard Loxton, reviewed in The British Theatre Guide :

The whole cast give delightful and sensitive performances in this beautifully written play. Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh’s direction encourages them to bring out all the humour of the very natural sounding text. He uses Moritz Behren’s set of small and large white boxes to move his actors in a way that sometimes parallels the development of their relationships –they also provide a convenient way of making all the necessary hand-props readily accessible, for the whole cast stay on stage through almost all the action.

I was held and touched throughout. When things get very serious Heaps is a tremulously emotional Jaden and Aalia as Ella sustains a powerfully accusing speech ... Is it only preaching to the converted? No for this is not a play that preaches. It works because it seems so natural and honest and is so enjoyable to watch.

from Paul Titley, reviewed in Live at Your Local:

This is a compelling, funny, thought-provoking, intense and thoroughly entertaining play. Brilliantly directed by Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh.

A young Mormon, Elder Jaden Latimer, raised in a Hicksville, cocoon of certainties, comes to London to spread the word. He is soon embroiled in his own and other more sinister crises.

On a mission to reveal his Truth, Jaden is caught up in a maelstrom of temptation and doubt: he meets Qasif (a gay Muslim with his own designs on the Evangelist) but falls in love with his sister, Dina, who is tortured by her darker, radical Truths.

The plot is complemented by marvellous acting, not a dud in the cast. The creative use of studio space, clever set, atmospheric sound and lighting, supports the superb acting to achieve a superb finale.

Rob Heaps is fantastic as the shiny, well-scrubbed Evangelist attempting to resist the breakaway brother. He's played with real enthusiasm by Richard David-Caine, in his talented debut.

With great, solid performances by Steve Nicolson, Nila Aalia and Zina Badran as the Mormon’s tormented love, this is a must see production.

from Jonathan Lovett, reviewed in The Stage:

The Buddha of Suburbia meets Brideshead Revisited in a very modern retelling set in multicultural London.

An enjoyable evening’s entertainment with well-written comic scenes, fluid direction from Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh and engaging performances led by Nila Aalia as the kind of aunt any Mormon or Muslim would love to have."

reviewed in kultureflash:

Sebastian Michael's new piece provides a fresh and varied take on tensions apparent in contemporary societies. ... The intimate setting and simple set work well to engage the audience and the comic moments humanise the characters, adding warmth to the play's often chilly and concerning themes. ... Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh's production is a delight to watch with particularly strong performances from Nila Aalia, Richard David-Caine, Rob Heaps and Steve Nicolson.

from Arhur James, posted to Time Out:

Outstanding! ***** Can't praise the play enough. Brilliantly written, directed and performed. All sorts of suprises and layers in the story that make for a thoroughly gripping and fresh experience at close proximity. The characters were so compelling that at points it really felt like they were playing out scenes for the first time, adding to the dynamism of a truly memorable play. Another highlight is a bizarre but ingenious set. Cliched as it as to say, but this really is unmissable theatre that seems in many ways to be truly pioneering.

from tom rooke, posted to Time Out:

great play!! it really lends itself to the space. simple and effective set. great use of video projection. really strong acting from all, there isn't one weak performance. would recommend this to anyone who likes contempory writing, and enjoys intermit off-west end productions. 10/out of 10!!

from the LONDON CALLING blog:

"Thus began the coolest straight-play experience I've ever had. ... WOW. I didn't look at my watch for an hour and a half."